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The iPhone has only gone up in price since its original release in 2007, however it has also gone up multiples when it comes to its overall functionality, awesomeness, and the demand for more customization and flexibility with the iOS platform. One thing that hasn’t changed since the day it was released though is the amount of people dropping the devices they love so much and cracking the screen on and in everything from tile floors to public toilets. Apple has taken great strides to make getting your iPhone fixed fast in Edmonton, but there are still tons of small (and large) problems that Apple users run into that often need expedited solutions and that’s where third party iPhone repair shops in South Edmonton can really be useful. here are the top three issues that can be fixed within 24 hours and what you can expect to pay (ballpark ranges of course).

iPhone Repair Edmonton South Side

  • Cracked and unresponsive LCD screens, usually due to a harsh drop or even worse a ‘smash’ are certainly fixable. Even if you can see the inner components and you think it might be beyond repair, we’d recommend bringing it into your nearest Edmonton iPhone repair shop as they have seen the worst of the worst and you’d be surprised at what can be recovered. This repair can be accomplished the same day in 99% of cases, depending on the severity of the broken iPhone screen and other jobs. Cost in Edmonton; $75-150
  • Poor battery life is an incredibly common repair for older iPhone models especially the 4 and 4S. Constant charging and re-charging of the 4S lithium-ion battery can cause the overall battery duration to dwindle and this can certainly be frustrating. The good news is this is a super simple repair to do and you can even get it done yourself if you are saavy enough. There is only one screw holding together the back case and high quality batteries can be found online for $10-20. Definitely a same day repair – just go grab a coffee and come back to a fully charged iPhone that will last an entire day! Cost; $20-45
  • Finally, charging ports are often another nusiance issue which many people assume means they need an entirely new device. If you are a pretty simple, non-heavy user then get your charging port replaced in a few hours and be on your way. For heavier users investing in the iPhone 5S or 6 with it’s lightning port connector may be worth the cost as it charges faster and stands up to wear and tear better than the older 4S devices.


My iPhone takes Forever To Charge! Do You Fix This?

From our experience, this is likely either a battery issue or the actual charging port hardware may need to be replaced. Our best advice is to bring your phone into our Mississauga location and we can preform a free diagnostic to pinpoint the issue before repairing it. Either way, both battery replacement or charging port repair are relatively inexpensive and can both be completed in 20 minutes while you wait – so no need to go without your phone for hours or days on end.

Can A Completely Smashed iPhone Screen Be Fixed?

Whether your iPhone screen has a small hairline crack or has literally been run over by a car, we can definitely get it back in working condition. The entire front display will be replaced by our technicians and if needed, the housing can be either replaced or bent back into shape (whatever is a better option for you). We install high quality OEM LCD/digitizer combinations that can be installed on the spot in as little as 25 minutes. Even if your screen displays content but there is a crack, we still opt to install the LCD/digitizer combination.
Apple has made their front displays one entire unit, ever since the release of the iPhone 4S. The LCD is married with the digitizer so it keeps out moisture, air bubbles and even dust particles. We’ve done tons of research and test to find the highest quality, most durable screens from overseas and offer them for installation in Mississauga. Don’t be fooled by lower price replica’s. All it takes is one small air bubble and you’ll find yourself looking at another $80-100+ for a screen repair. Avoid this hassle and get it done right the first time.

What determines the current iPhone repair prices in Mississauga?

For newer devices, the supply of higher quality replacement parts is relatively low, so prices are higher until demand and supply rise. However you’ll notice that iPhone 4/4S and even 5 prices have been dropping steadily as they become more popular and demand rises. We strive to keep our prices as competitive and reasonable as possible while maintaining stellar service and convenience. If you have any questions or simply want to confirm the pricing for your specific issue, feel free to contact us. Finally, we are glad to offer discounts on multiple repairs on the same device or even multiple devices period.

What about iPad repair?

We can definitely fix any iPad cracked glass issues you might be having, however the process is a bit different than an iPhone. While we do carry the parts in stock, the repair process itself is more labor intensive and thus we would need at least 12 hours to sufficiently repair any cracked or smashed LCD/glass portions of your iPad. The main reason for this is the LCD and glass are actually separate, unlike the iPhone, and are held together with a unique adhesive. Once removed and reset, this adhesive takes at least 6 hours to set under heavy clamps. While we can obviously let you have the device in less than 6 hours, we would discourage this as we don’t want any excessive damage in the future due to the adhesive peeling or cracking.

Should you fix your own broken iPhone? So many clumsy people are breaking their iPhone screens on a daily basis, especially in the Atlanta area and given the spotty support by Apple and high cost, many people might like to look into cheaper and more cost effecitve repair options that are just as good. One of those is using do-it-yourself repair kits that are pretty easy to find online. Services like iCracked or iFixit provide all the tools, parts and even detailed instructions on how to not screw the whole thing up and cause a bigger mess than you started with.

So should you invest in one of these kits, take it to Apple and pay the premium, or even find a local shop here in Atlanta to get it done for you? The answer depends on a few things, mainly how much you are willing to pay to get your iPhone fixed, as well as how fast you need it fixed. If you’ve run out of replacements on the extended Apple Care warranty, or maybe you don’t even have it, the cost for a completely new device that is factory refurbished with 100% original parts is nearing the $200 marker. You’ll have a new one within 24 hours and be on your way.

The second most convenient scenario or option would be to find a local PC or smartphone repair shop that can replace cracked or broken LCD digitizers. It’s important you are picky about who you let take apart your iPhone and what type of parts they do install. There are plenty of lower quality parts that are easy to install, cheaper and tempting for companies to use when looking to cut corners. Apple does not support out of warranty so your 100% on your own if you decide to use shoddy parts and it doesn’t produce the desired outcome.


Finally, if your feeling risky but have the technical experience and can track down small screws, a do-it-yourself repair kit may be the solution for you. You can buy the entire kit online for about 60% less than the price of a repair shop, however don’t expect to get it in the mail for at least for 48 hours since the best quality kits are found through suppliers mostly via Amazon. You’ll also likely need to spend a few hours installing it to make sure you get it right and don’t end up with a bunch of parts and no working iPhone. The best part? Next time you hear that sickening crack when dropping your iPhone you can get it fixed faster and cheaper and be on your way.

Your iPhone is one of the most dependable gadgets you use on a daily basis and if it tends up breaking or you lose some functionality it can become a real inconvenience. Finding convenient and affordable iPhone repair services in Jacksonville FL can be tricky, but often better than having some random kid open up your phone and install low quality components. So what exactly can and can’t be fixed when it comes to your phone? Here are some of the most common issues, and how they can be solved easily.

Cracked Front Glass

Obviously the one type of repair we are all familiar with is a broken screen. We’ve all seen friends with the spider web crack on their phone and you’re not immune from this either since even a moderate drop can result in a crack. The good news is since this is the most common issue it’s relatively easy to get it fixed and many repair businesses in Jax Beach offer the service. Whether your screen is totally black, or just has cosmetic damage but still retains functionality the entire front display will have to be replaced at a cost of $60-90. This may seem like a lot, but it’s better than the $200 or more for an Apple Care warranty which will get you an entirely new phone.

Weak Battery Life

The iPhone devices use a battery very similar to popular Android devices like the Samsung Galaxy so if your battery life sucks this can be solved by installing a new lithium-ion unit. Apple certainly hasn’t made this process easy for the average iPhone user, but a professional and experienced technician can get it done in as little as 20 minutes. Alternatively, if your phone is not holding a charge it may be due to a defective charging port which is a bit more complicated but can still be done by a good Jacksonville cell phone repair shop. In most cases switching out the battery is the first thing many technicians will do to rule out one repair over the other.

Water Damage

Probably the most random and uncontrollable issue you can have with your iPhone 4 or 5 device is moisture or water damage. Since there are almost infinite areas it can enter from and damage it can do. Some cases require a replacement of the affected components and in other cases your phone may be totally useless. The best way to proceed is to not turn your phone on, and get it directly to a repair shop for cleaning so the issues can be looked at closely by a technician.


The release of the iPhone 5 was amazing, and made major improvements on the previous iPhone 4S, specifically the charging apparatus and larger battery were much appreciated. Old 8 pin connectors were susceptible to bending and breaking, and usually ended up full of dust and debris – which of course makes your device hard to charge and pretty frustrating. There was much praise when the iPhone 5 boasted a bigger battery, but this fell off after it became apparent that many units were overheating due to bloated batteries. Essentially when the lithium-ion battery in the back of your device gets too hot, it expands and not only gets very hot, but presses against the front LCD display causing distorted pixels.

The good news is that if you’re constantly not making it through the business day with a full iPhone charge, replacing your stock battery is one of the easiest repairs you can get done. Local Winnipeg iPhone repair shops are a great choice if you need it done fast, and want the peace of mind of a solid warranty. Furthermore, if you are more of a hand on person you can actually buy an OEM replacement battery online and replace it yourself. We’ve included a tutorial video below, but the part of this you should be concerned about is getting QUALITY parts. Yes, you will find that the prices are extremely inexpensive, but there are way too many cheap components out there that can do damage to your phone. Leaky batteries can be a death sentence to your device, so make sure any retailer you buy parts from has lots of recent positive feedback and supports their products.

A third option, other than finding a repair shop in Winnipeg is to take it directly to an Apple Retail store and using your Apple Care warranty. This can also be a pretty fast solution but you will also have to backup all your current data and contacts since you will likely receive a newly refurbished device. Our suggestion though is to save your Apple Care warranty for more severe repairs such as a cracked LCD screen. Additionally, Apple can be particular about a drip or two of water damage, so if you think there might be any condensation another option will be suitable.